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Diane C. Brown Consulting is an industry leader in the “Savings Consulting Space” and we achieve GREAT BIG results in many ways. We provide our clients with the highest level of service in which to capture the broadest range of tax credits and incentives, operating and cost reductions and much much more.



Are you concerned about business development?  We know that every penny saved or recaptured impacts your bottom line.  Would you like to make a bigger positive impact on your community?  We help you strengthen your business which not only results in your being the best in your industry but also improves your local community and promotes economic development.

For instance and as an example of one of our many programs… Would you like to be able to save up to $900 per employee yearly while offering them supplemental health and life insurance plans AT NO OUT-OF-POCKET TO YOU AND THEM?  We do that!


Business owners as well as individuals in any occupation can lose track of their financial goals. Financial stressers and missed financial opportunities can lead to negative choices and a work and home life well out-of-balance.


Business owners, are you familiar with and taking advantage of all the incentives and savings platforms currently available locally, statewide and federally?  Just for Manufacturers there’s over $100 billion available in the U.S.  And for small to medium-sized companies all the way up to Fortune 500’s – it’s almost limitless!

We have helped thousands of companies reduce expenses and obtain large federal tax incentives that would have otherwise gone uncaptured. These services are not limited to a specific industry, nor the size of or duration of ownership or longevity of the business.


Do you need seed money, to raise capital? Are you just venturing out and putting into place your new business? Perhaps you want to start a Film Project, need Real Estate Funds, or money for your Oil and Gas project. Don’t give away a big piece of your baby, your big dream early on in your new venture.  We can help with that too!

For individuals and families, take a moment to get to know who we are as a company and how we can help give you peace-of-mind and make your financial dreams come true! We offer solutions for health insurance, life insurance, exit strategies, retirement planning, disability coverage, education funding, mortgage protection and more! Interested in alternative solutions? Worried about retirement? Need to begin college planning? Are you approaching 65 and have many questions? You’ve come to the right place! Our goal is to help you find what meets your needs as well as fit your budget.



As you can see, we have many different services and work with many different experts and carriers in the individual and family sector as well as the business world.  Contact Diane today for a no hassle, no commitment, no charge review.