If you understand the importance of staying in the know, doing your due diligence to keep up with the best ways to empower and take care of yourself, you’ve landed in the right place.   

As a wellness consultant, I have two goals:

  • To make you feel comfortable and confident; and
  • To bring to you researched options; resources and a well-rounded grasp of wellness in all areas of your life

Taking a holistic approach to empowering you in health and wealth are what you’ll find within the pages of this website and in my fun and informative newsletters.

All aspects of wellness are equally important.  Just like you would go to a doctor and/or nutritionist for your physical health needs and concerns, you’d seek out a financial adviser for your money and financial health concerns. The saying goes that if you have your health, you have everything. If you have your health and your wealth (because you planned wisely and had enough to cover any health expenses), that’s even better.


If you’re searching for:

Researched information, experience and resources about how food and it’s nutritional values can impact your health;

Financial guidance; tried and true credit repair and optimization tips; ways to increase income to help you stay in the black;

Alternative means of medicine to assist you and your family to stay hale, hearty and in the pink;

Best ways of protecting you and your family or for leaving your legacy.unhealthysavings

You’ve come to the right place!

Are you concerned about social security or whether medicare will provide you with enough coverage?  Here you’ll gain a better understanding of the best practices for securing a comfortable retirement.

When was the last time you shopped for home and/or auto insurance?  As an independent broker, allow me to do the shopping for you.

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You’ll ALSO receive my 15 page downloadable report on “Living Your Best Life Now  – A Peek Into Self-Care.”  Within those pages, you’ll get a glimpse of what I will be going into great detail and digging deeper in with my soon to be released book “Financial Make-Up.” Financial make-up is about building the fundamental foundation of your future, applying the right color, getting and staying healthy, for creating highlights and brilliance to slow down the aging process and make you shine.



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You and me… we’re wired differently then men.  We take a more comprehensive or holistic approach to life. We’re especially tuned to look at how one goal impacts the whole and passing values on to our loved ones and not just assets. Are family, friends, values, integrity and trust important and most cherished by you?  Me too!  That’s why my clients work with me.


Nobody is Promised Tomorrow.  Let’s Live Our BEST Lives Now!