Free ConsultationFinancial wellness and success in your personal and professional life means the world to us. Have you found yourself in a quandary over your being able to retire, acquire money stability, business development or exit strategy for your life’s direction?  Are you looking at your insurance needs and options? Great news!  We can be of assistance.  There’s much information here and if you’d like a to book a consultation, just click on the button to learn what options may be available to you in order to create your best life, your best business ever.views

Money has a mighty impact, is an amazing force and an invaluable tool for success.

 Many families and individuals are stressed out about their financial wellness. It’s time to explore some of your options!


Is the thought of getting some life insurance in place nagging at you?  Don’t know how much you need or is it that you really hate physical exams – the poke of the needle and giving up of bodily fluids? You can get a quote and purchase life insurance without a medical exam.



You know that you need to have dental work done but it’s so expensive.  Would you like to explore just how much you’d have to come out-of-pocket for just you or your family for dental coverage?  These Dental Insurance plans are easy to apply for and affordable.  And, don’t worry about pre-existing conditions – they’re covered.

Are you approaching Medicare age and need some help with this complicated health insurance? Do you need an easy to understand explanation of the differences between traditional Medicare with a Medicare Supplement or Medigap plan and opting out of traditional Medicare and choosing a Medicare Advantage plan?

Are you planning for your retirement?  Are you sure that you’ll be ready or do you question whether or not you’ll run of out of income before your time?  Annuities, Social Security, 401(k)’s or other retirement accounts are super but what if you could put something else in add to those streams of income – to supplement your retirement?  There are a number of things that you could do. There are options.mother-787629_640

Do you have children that you want to put through college?  I have programs that can help fund college tuition.  Grandparents, do you wish you could do more for your grandchildren or would have liked to have put more away for their future?  I can certainly help you with that, it’s easy and a delightful way to have them think of you and remember you in their future.


Business owners as well as individuals in any occupation can lose track of their financial goals. Financial stressers and missed financial opportunities can lead to negative choices and a work and home life well out-of-balance.


We have helped thousands of companies reduce expenses and obtain large federal tax incentives that would have otherwise gone uncaptured. These services are not limited to a specific industry, nor the size of or duration of ownership or longevity of the business.

Perhaps you’re in need of a corporate loan, venture capital, want to franchise or in need of the formulation of an exit strategy. We are the experts, understand the complexity of these programs and services, and offer a free consultation to assist you in deciding if any of our services, programs and platforms are right for your business.  

We take your business from good to GREAT so that you can:

  • Concentrate on the continued growth of your business
  • Make the best profit from it when it’s time to exit/sell



Do you need seed money, to raise capital? Are you just venturing out and putting into place your new business?  Perhaps you want to start a Film Project, need Real Estate Funds, or money for your Oil and Gas project. Don’t give away a big piece of your baby, your big dream early on in your new venture.  We can help with that too!

Contact Diane today for a no hassle, no commitment, no charge review.

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