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Money has a mighty impact, is an amazing force and an invaluable tool. For some people, it can provide a well-balanced life. It can provide food, shelter, transportation, college tuition for children, and retirement. For others, even when earning the most ever in their work lives, that amount of money may fall short of even reaching basic goals. To make matters worse, personal finances don’t usually become easier over time, they become more complex.

Business owners as well as individuals in any occupation can lose track of their financial goals. Financial stressors and missed financial goals can lead to many negative things and a work and home life well out of balance.

For Business Owners This Could Mean:

  • Higher healthcare costs
  • Lower productivity
  • Higher turnover
  • Higher HR expenses
  • Increased fiduciary liability
  • Workplace accidents
  • Delayed retirements
  • Ultimately having to close the doors


And for Most Individuals and Their Families, along with some of the above, the lack of financial wellness could result in:

  • Stress, lack of sleep, bad lifestyle habits such as addiction, resulting in divorce or worse yet, stroke, heart attack, catastrophic disease(s).
  • A lack of readiness for retirement resulting in having to work more years.
  • More debt. When ends cannot be met over and over again, credit card and other debt soars resulting in negative credit scores, the need to work longer and harder, never really being able to have peace of mind knowing that a legacy may be left for the kids or grandkids or worse, leaving behind debt to be dealt with.


Bottom Line…. The Lack of Financial Wellness and Readiness Usually
Results in an Unbalanced Work-Home Life

It’s Time To Explore Your Options

The time is right.

You’re either a start-up or an established business coming out of the slump from the economic upset of the last decade. Your business is growing and you know that you want to continue with that growth and stay or get ahead of the curve as rapidly as possible. Along with growing a business and making it more profitable comes growing pains and with those business growing pains, comes higher expenses.  We help businesses – from start-ups to small brick and mortar, medium to Fortune 500’s increase their bottom line. To name a few, we have worked with many manufacturers, retailers, hotels/motels, restaurants, breweries, wineries, auto dealerships, commercial real estate developers and investors and those involved in agriculture, software development and even farmers.

Some of our more established clients are Toyota, Popeye’s, Westinghouse and EconoLodge.

We make good business great!
Through the years we’ve saved companies over $500 million!

Our proprietary Savings Assessment Tool instantly tells us if there is a possibility for savings…Best of all, we’re so good at what we do, we either find savings or there’s no fee!

Many business owners are not aware of most of the incentives, refunds and savings that are available to businesses these days. So much of what we offer our clients is so specialized and unique. We encourage and almost always work with CPA’s alongside of their business clients and offer our services graciously to those CPA’s.

We understand the complexity of the programs, and offer a free consultation to assist you in deciding if a study is right for your business. Contact Diane today for a no hassle, no commitment, no charge review.

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