Exit Strategies and Retirement for Business Owners

Working with many businesses to facilitate individualized, personalized and proprietary retirement programs is challenging and rewarding. One of the more powerful approaches we use is a front loaded retirement program – namely leveraged planning. While there are many ways in … Continue reading →

Tax-Exempt Financing for New & Expanding Businesses

If the industry is right and there are many, and you engage us to help you gain an edge on financing, more specifically, obtaining some tax exempt financing, we make sure everyone on the team is experienced and well equipped … Continue reading →

Workman’s Compensation Insurance Audits

Service Overview Our Work Comp Audit identifies and recovers workers’ compensation premium overcharges by reviewing the past five to seven years of classifications, experience rating calculations and premium audit calculations. Targeted Industries: Aircraft, Amusement Park & Ski Areas, Assisted Living, … Continue reading →

Waste & Recycling Audits Can Be Big Savers

Service Overview Our waste audit service lowers our Client’s monthly expenses for solid waste, medical waste, and recycling disposables by finding billing errors, overcharges and other cost reduction opportunities by evaluating the Client’s invoices, service agreements, equipment, current service levels … Continue reading →