Type 1 Diabetes – The Alkalizing Diet Cure

I started my quest searching for alternative methods of healing Type 1 Diabetes when my youngest granddaughter Lizzy was diagnosed.  Now, when Lizzy was rushed to the hospital, first diagnosed and I received that call from her mom, my daughter-in-law, … Continue reading →

Four Solutions to Network Marketing’s Challenges

If you could go back 50 years and look at all of the network marketing or multi-level marketing companies – just the ones that WERE MOST SUCCESSFUL – what do you think those companies would have in common?  I’m talking … Continue reading →

Automated System Helps With Recruiting in Network Marketing

Have you or do you know of someone who has worked a business or businesses wherein recruiting or sponsoring may not be required but by doing so would create an increase in pay and leverage?  Have you or that person … Continue reading →

In Search of the Perfect Business Opportunity

Are you searching for a home based business?  One that will stand the test of time, attract the younger generation and also be suitable for the baby boomers?   One that will create an income for you and your family, … Continue reading →

Sea Vegetables – It’s What’s for Dinner

Not really for dinner, but consumed daily at our house. When I first saw and later witnessed a particular blend of sea plants, a blend that’s been around for 30 years, I said WOW and YAY and I most definitely … Continue reading →

Coconut Oil Benefits Including Behavior

Last week, I started working with an internal medicine doc who is going “natural”.  It is so exciting to me to witness this!  Medical doctors, allopathic docs, I’m told, only receive maybe 8 hours of nutritional education as they go … Continue reading →