Life Insurance or Real Estate – The Best Retirement Vehicle?

Did you know that life insurance isn’t just for protection; for getting one’s final expenses and/or creditors paid or for leaving a legacy? When I was first introduced to life insurance, in a way that took me by surprise, I … Continue reading →

My Frustration Equaled Hiring An Expert

I would consider myself to be a bit tech-tarded…..  That is er um, “technically challenged” when it comes to computers and social media and websites, blogging, writing, etc. Coaching is BIG business these days.  Hiring a coach, mentor or professional … Continue reading →

Don’t Want to Wait Until 80 to Retire?

Recently, and according to the Wall Street Journal on retirement, “Nearly Two-Thirds of Those Between 45 and 60 Plan Delays, a Steep Rise From Two Years Ago.” The Article Educate yourself; Implement and Be Consistent – IT’S CRUCIAL. Consistency and … Continue reading →

Expedited Debt Elimination – Being Your Own Bank

Have you heard of Infinite Banking or banking on yourself?  Let me ask you this.  Do you think the banks want you to know how to pay off your mortgage and other debt within 1/4 of the usual time?  I … Continue reading →