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Service Overview

Most companies consider property taxes to be a fixed cost. However, a review of real and personal property tax assessments often results in the identification of opportunities for lower property tax bills. A property tax review can result in savings up to 10-25% or more of the total real and personal property taxes paid. Savings identified in the current year are typically realized in future years as well.

commercial property taxTargeted Industries:

  • Hotels
  • Retirement Homes
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Plazas
  • Grocery
  • Office Complexes


Minimum Requirements:

A commercial property that has $50,000 or more in real and personal property taxes annually.

What are the Benefits of a Property Tax Mitigation Study?

The immediate benefit is the reduction of taxes owed and the potential of refunds on prior taxes paid. The future benefits would similarly be a reduced tax burden going forward, producing an increased cash flow for the business.

Assessment Process:

• Collect signed service agreement and documents
• Schedule Discovery Call

Feel free to give me a call (719.671.8099) to schedule your no-cost assessment to see just how much more profit can be put in YOUR pocket!

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