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Easy Article Marketing Tips — 3 Comments

  1. wonking out 74 articles on Monday isn’t an every Monday occurrence… In fact, I’d dare say that’s a once a month (or less) event. I was that far behind.

    Like other writers who need to ‘get the job done’ I often put off writing my thoughts down until I have to just “do it” and get them out there. Those articles aren’t nearly as satisfying as writing regularly, and when I’m seriously in the mood to put out quality.

    Are 74 articles any less quality? No. But the impact they’ll have might not be the same as an article that is well thought out, reviewed and corrected or even aspired to… 70% of the articles written online are mindless, just publish “something” kind of articles, and I personally refuse to do those – EVER. I believe it’s more important to have a plan, follow the plan and present quality, well branded articles for my readers.

    Point: I posted 74 articles Monday, but the titles for them, and the general content was researched and noted prior to that. Writing and posting can go fast when everything else is done. 😉

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