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Working with many businesses to facilitate individualized, personalized and proprietary retirement programs is challenging and rewarding. One of the more powerful approaches we use is a front loaded retirement program – namely leveraged planning. While there are many ways in which to structure and facilitate this very special retirement plan with it’s many working parts, it is simply a tool through which a business owner may have the ability to drastically advance their wealth accumulation relative to their retirement planning.

Also worth noting is that these plans are working in a highly tax advantaged manner. This method, when applicable, gives business owners the opportunity to take a tax deduction relative to their participation, grow their wealth tax deferred and take distributions out of this retirement planning medium tax free. This in turn jump starts retirement by advancing massive amounts of capital in their program for them, with the goal of realizing superior gains as a result of having more money working for them. This lends itself to having the ability to generate a much larger nest egg that may then be distributed on a tax free basis.

There are two additional operations to accomplish additional goals with this program:

1. The ability to transfer very large amounts of wealth to heirs charity, school or foundations done in a cost effective manner with guaranteed results.

2. Estate Planning benefits for business in order to accomplish the most cost effective ILIT in existence.

This plan may also work as a Qualified Plan Rescue by redirecting participating funds. Now, the opportunity exists to generate a structure that results in tax free distributions that may be applied against taxes due on distributions out of a qualified plan.

What about Business Exit Planning? With the ability of the front loading, it may provide massive benefit to the business seller and buyer at the time of sale.

Let’s not forget Key-man and Buy/Sell Agreements. With the insurance contained within this structure, it can be used as a wealth accumulation medium and address insurance needs simultaneously.

Obviously this accelerated retirement strategy and it’s many moving parts is complicated but robust.

If you’re in business, own a business, are a partner in a business or an individual or other entity that has a need for this type of retirement planning, please reach out and book a consultation with me. A little discovery work will go a long way in which to accomplish and fund what perhaps you’ve been working at for some time now.



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