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Why Work With Us You Might Ask…

Unlike company-employed agents, being independently owned means that we’re able to provide clients with objective, educational information and the best product line-up.  We work with dozens of insurance companies and offer a wide variety of life, retirement, short term health, dental, medicare supplement insurance and more. We listen to and represent YOU to acquire the best and most suitable coverage with premium rates that are competitive and fit YOUR budget.




Just like you would go to a doctor and/or nutritionist for your physical health needs and concerns, you’d seek out a financial adviser for your money and financial health concerns. The saying goes that if you have your health, you have everything. However, if you have your health and your wealth (because you planned wisely and had enough to cover any health expenses), that’s even better.


 Many families and individuals are stressed out about their financial wellness. It’s time to explore some of your options!


Is the thought of getting some life insurance in place nagging at you?  Don’t know how much you need or is it that you really hate physical exams – the poke of the needle and giving up of bodily fluids? You can get a quote and purchase life insurance without a medical exam.

 No Medical Exam Required!

Interested in a term life insurance product that you don’t need to have a medical exam to get?

These products are becoming more and more commonplace in the market.


Brand New…Issue ages are now 18-64



What about Retirement?

Are you planning for it yet?  Are you sure that you’ll be ready or do you question whether or not you’ll run of out of income before your time?  Annuities, Social Security, 401(k)’s or other retirement accounts are super but what if you could put something else in add to those streams of income – to supplement your retirement?  There are a number of things that you could do. There are options.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming educational webinars that show you options for funding your retirement!

Do you have children that you want to put through college?  I have programs that can help fund college tuition.  Grandparents, do you wish you could do more for your grandchildren or would have liked to have put more away for their future?  I can certainly help you with that, it’s easy and a delightful way to have them think of you and remember you in their future.

Senior Services

Are you quickly approaching 65 like so many?  You’re obviously not alone.  With 10,800 turning 65 daily, there is much to consider if you’re thinking of leaving the workplace and your group benefits and looking at educating yourself about which plan will suit you best.  There’s much to look at.

Are you approaching Medicare age and need some help with this complicated health insurance? Do you need an easy to understand explanation of the differences between traditional Medicare with a Medicare Supplement or Medigap plan and opting out of traditional Medicare and choosing a Medicare Advantage plan?

Here’s a little comparison between a Medigap or Medicare Supplement plan and a Medicare Advantage plan.  Click on the Balloons —>>health

Quite simply…

With a Medicare Advantage or MA plan, you’re opting out of traditional Medicare and opting into a Managed Care or HMO plan.  With an MA plan, your monthly cost serving as the premium for this plan could be quite minimal, however, your yearly out-of-pocket costs as well as having to stay within Network, could cost you plenty.

The typical annual deductible or outlay for this plan (not including your monthly premium) is going to cost you $6,700.


A Medicare Supplement Plan is offered by Medicare approved private insurance companies. One keeps their traditional Medicare Parts A and B Plan then adds a supplement to cover the 20% Medicare doesn’t pay.  Plan names range from A-N and these plans are THE SAME with each insurance carrier, but can vary in costs.

In other words, Mutual of Omaha and AARP must and do offer the same plans (A-N), however, the pricing between these 2 carriers can be quite different.

A typical premium for a person turning 65 could be anywhere from $110-$140 monthly for the most popular Plan F.  Plan F is very popular because it covers all of the 20% that traditional Medicare does not cover plus there is no additional deductible.  No “in-network” doctors… anywhere Medicare is taken, so is your supplement.  With these types of plans, a senior can budget for their out-of-pocket expenses once on Medicare.  An example would be a 65 year old paying $120 monthly times 12 months a year would equal $1440.  This is not only “budgeted” but far less than a Medicare Advantage plan “could” cost yearly (ie. $6700).

You can gain more information about Medicare Supplements by clicking on the image below.


When you’re ready to see what your cost will be and the differences between plans, please give me a call or just go to the link below to do so!



Final Expense or Burial Insurance

This smaller whole life policy is often bought by people planning and thinking about putting something in place for when they die for funeral, cremation and yes, their final expenses so as to not leave family members with this burden.  The younger one purchases this type of policy with a face value anywhere from $5,000 – $40,000, the less outlay one will have.  This is usually an easy process to purchase with minimal health questions and if you do have some major medical issues, there are guaranteed issue plans as well.

Dental Insurance

You know that you need to have dental work done but it’s so expensive.  Would you like to explore just how much you’d have to come out-of-pocket for just you or your family for dental coverage?  These Dental Insurance plans are easy to apply for and affordable.  And, don’t worry about pre-existing conditions – they’re covered.






Would you like to know about the New Life Insurance?  The life insurance that you can use while still alive?  To even help you STAY ALIVE?

Some life insurance companies include, with their coverage what’s now being called the “New Life insurance” Living Benefits.  Some carriers include this at no additional cost and some make it available as an additional Rider.  Click the “Watch Now” button and watch a very informative 6 minute clip on these living benefits then ask me for a quote and for more information about how these added benefits to regular old vanilla term insurance works!