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Any professional in any field is expected to possess skills and knowledge resulting from specialized training and experience.

When a client or customer believes you have not conducted yourself according to the standards of your profession or that you have been negligent in some way, you can be sued. Standard business liability policies do not cover these situations. To supplement general liability protection you may need a specialty coverage known as Professional Liability Insurance or sometimes Errors and Omissions Insurance or E & O.

Here’s a “for instance”, from a life insurance agent who got stung.  


Errors and Omissions Insurance is basically a type of Professional Liability Insurance. For instance, architects and insurance agents need Errors and Omissions Insurance as do information technology companies. The kind of Errors and Omissions protection needed vary greatly from business to business so insurance policies are often designed for specific business pursuits.

Are you a professional that believes you have the need for this type of insurance?  I have information and resources to get you to the correct carrier for this.  Just reach out and let me help you.

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