Business Services

business-561388_960_720The list of services we offer to businesses and business owners is a long and ever growing list.

  • Cost Segregation
  • R & D Tax Credit
  • Property Tax Mitigation
  • Hiring Incentives/WOTC
  • IC-DISC/Export Tax Credit
  • Energy EPAct Credit
  • Corporate Loans
  • Business Brokerage
  • Venture Capital
  • Franchising
  • Exit Strategies
  • Accelerated Retirement Program


During  out initial consultation, some specific questions will be asked of the business owner or C Level individual.  They will be:

  1. Do you own commercial property, have renovations been done and to the tune of how much for each?
  2. How much are your property taxes?
  3. How many people do you hire or replace in a years’ time?
  4. Do you process credit cards?  How much annually?
  5. What is the outlay for work comp insurance?
  6. What are your shipping, waste & recycling costs monthly?


And a few more.  This initial assessment can be completed within minutes.  If savings can be found, the next step is a more detailed discovery call which may include your CPA.

We never charge fees for doing our discovery work.  What we do is charge a percentage of the savings or recovery we find for our business owners.  Sometimes a refund is found immediately and shortly thereafter, a check is in the mail from the taxing authority to the business.

If you’d like to learn more about how much we can find for you, book a no cost consultation with me.

Individual and Family Services

oldercoupleThere are many many insurance products that cover a myriad of benefits. Below is a snapshot of some of those products and what they can do for an individual and/or family.

  • Term life insurance – can for example keep a younger family in their home and get the kids through college should dad pass away unexpectedly at a younger age.
  • Permanent insurance has many benefits.  One is that it can serve as a addition to retirement income.
  • There are policies that are perfect for your child or grandchild.  What a gift for that younger one when they get older and have, not only quite the nest egg but do not have to qualify health-wise for a policy.
  • Long term care insurance can serve those people needing help with staying in their homes should they become ill or injured or paying for an assisted living facility.
  • Living Benefits is what’s being called the new insurance because one can access a large percentage of the face value of their insurance policy to well… live.family1
  • Cancer, Disability, Critical Illness and other ancillary policies certainly serve a great purpose.  For instance, with a cancer policy, one can access this money at first diagnosis and use it however they feel fit.
  • Other ancillary coverage such as Dental, Vision and Prescription Drug.
  • Health insurance is complicated.  There’s on exchange and off exchange, there’s short term. This insurance has unfortunately become complicated but one has choices.


There are insurances specific for the growing Senior population

  • A Medicare Supplemental can cover all of the remaining 20% that traditional Medicare doesn’t cover.
  • Final expense or burial insurance as it’s sometimes called is a smaller, usually inexpensive policy wherein the premium or policy fee doesn’t go up and the benefit or coverage will never go down.  This is a policy that most seniors purchase for their final expenses and funerals.


A no cost consultation, doing some investigative and fact finding work, is what Diane would do for you if you either need to take another look at what insurance(s) you already have or want to explore what your options are for what you feel your current and future wants and needs are.