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Did you ever wonder how you could make some extra cash on your time without having to punch a clock and without having to spend a dime?

If you’re looking to:

  • supplement your income, or
  • replace your income


This is one great solution for you.

Have you heard of referral programs?  Simply getting paid for your referrals is a great way to make money and sometimes it’s pretty BIG money!

I love working with referrals and I pay for them.referral money

That’s right.  Every time someone you send to me who is

  • a business owner needing a financial edge in his or her niche market
  • a corporation that needs to cut costs
  • or your CPA looking to differentiate themselves to help keep existing business clients and gain new ones


I will pay you for that personal referral or what’s also known as a warm introduction.

Where will the biggest referral checks be found you say?  Usually, the bigger the business, the more we can help and the bigger the commissions.  That means, I will need to speak with Owners, Managers, CFO’s, CEO’s, CPA’s.  We’re not limited to a specific industry or market, but to give you an idea, these are very popular:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Medical Buildings/Facilities/Practices
  • Doctors, Dentists and Veterinarians
  • Specialists – Doctors
  • Construction Company
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Manufacturers
  • Resorts, Wineries, Breweries, etc.
  • Retail Stores, Grocery Stores



  • Economic Development Committees
  • Financial Firms
  • CPA firms
  • Software, Aerospace, Engineered-based companies


and really the list goes on and on.  You name it, we can work with them.  From brick & mortar Mom and Pops to Fortune 500’s.business owners, saving businesses money

In order for me to give you a referral fee, you will need to send me a buying client. Then, I’ll cut you a check for a portion of the commission received for services/products obtained by this new client.  Average referral fee to you can range from  $500 to $1200 or more (depending on what services they need). The requirement is that they have to be buying clients.  I can’t pay you for names of people who don’t buy anything, but the real deal is that you could make a lot more than imagined if we lock arms and do this.

Are you ready to get started?  Do you need more information about how you can be a great referrer in order to increase or replace your current financial situation?  It starts with signing in. Get to the next page and you’ll learn all about how you can do just that!


Also, keep an eye out for other ways in which to make extra money, supply yourself with a secure future and have peace of mind.  You’ll be receiving that information as well when you sign up!



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