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If the industry is right and there are many, and you engage us to help you gain an edge on financing, more specifically, obtaining some tax exempt financing, we make sure everyone on the team is experienced and well equipped to make your transaction a success. Whether you are a manufacturer, a banker or anyone else involved, we guarantee a smooth transaction. We will work with your local Industrial Development Authority, Bond, Bank and IDA Counsel, your Lender (or one of our approved lenders), CPA firm, State Officials and any one else needed to make the Tax Exempt transaction a success for you.

Tax-exempt financing is used to invest in new facilities, production lines, machinery and equipment as well as technological advances that bolster productivity and profit. When financing with a tax exempt bond, the bank does not pay federal taxes, in turn, they can pass these savings on to the borrower (you). That means an average savings of 35% in interest expense alone!


tax exempt financing

We are Tax-Exempt Financing experts who are focused on educating and assisting companies that are interested in borrowing on a tax-exempt basis to fund expansion projects.

Our program provides a turnkey operation for manufacturers and others around the United States, who may find the process complicated and time consuming. We facilitate every step needed to obtain this low cost capital, including helping companies understand the Federal, State, and Local requirements involved in the funding process.

We know that every penny saved impacts your bottom line, your community, and the people you employ. We aim to strengthen local communities and promote economic development by making the rising availability of tax-exempt funds more accessible so you can invest the money saved back into your company.

Feel free to give me a call (719.671.8099) to be invited to an overview online workshop or to schedule your no-cost assessment to see just how much more profit can be put in YOUR pocket!

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