Business Owners –

We work with one of the nation’s leading providers of high-touch, customized life insurance premium financing and insurance-backed lending strategies. Our plan options are custom-designed to meet either or both individual and business planning needs providing you with extensive experience structuring customized insurance and annuity backed financial strategies – particularly traditional structures for life insurance premium finance for estate planning, charitable giving approaches, and more.

Our solutions for Businesses allows businesses (LLCs, C–Corps, sole proprietorships, etc.) to utilize commercial loans (collateralized in full or part by insurance or annuity products) for a wide range of uses – including Buy-Sell Funding, Key Man Policies, Executive Compensation Arrangements, and much more.

Our direct lending approach enables us to work with our clients to quickly and efficiently structure and fund the plan best suited to meet your personal or business planning needs. Additionally, we work with clients in all 50 states.

Individuals and Families

you must know that today’s retirees are more active and enjoying longer lives than ever before yet so many are losing sleep worrying about running out of money before it’s time.

It’s no secret that we can’t depend on Social Security alone to provide the income necessary to live out our golden years of retirement. And nowadays, pensions are not often being offered by employers.

Are you certain your current retirement plan will last as long as you need it and keep you in a comfortable lifestyle? Have your retirement funds already been diminished by losses in the stock market over the last 15 years?

What if you could enjoy:

  • the gains of the stock market without the risk;
  • the tax-deferred benefits of a qualified plan;
  • the flexibility to fund and withdraw your money tax-free regardless of age and income;
  • guaranteed lifetime income; and
  • provide a tax-free retirement income for your heirs?


It’s possible and we can show you how to enjoy the benefits of tax-free retirement income with even more benefits to you and your family.

What are your dreams for retirement? We can help you get there. Gain insightful information HERE and learn how to Earn Tax-Free Interest and Tax-Free Income for the rest of your life!