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Service Overview

Our waste audit service lowers our Client’s monthly expenses for solid waste, medical waste, and recycling disposables by finding billing errors, overcharges and other cost reduction opportunities by evaluating the Client’s invoices, service agreements, equipment, current service levels and pricing structure.

• 80% of commercial businesses can benefit and save with a Waste Audit
• Average Savings per Client is between $3K – $15K annually

Targeted Industries:

  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Facilities
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Large Demolition Companies
  • Food Distribution Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Grocery Stores
  • Construction Businesses
  • and any company utilizing a commercial waste service provider.


Minimum Requirements:

Companies with a waste expense in excess of $500.00 per month in waste and/or recycling fees.

Our Assessment Process:

• Collect signed agreement with LOA and current waste bill(s)
• Our Waste Audit department will present findings to Client upon completion of the initial analysis.
• After receipt of all / any additional required documentation, we will begin securing lower fees. On average this process takes 60-90 days from receipt of all client documentation needed to process the lowering of fees.

waste and recycling audit

Feel free to give me a call (719.671.8099) to schedule your no-cost assessment to see just how much more profit can be put in YOUR pocket!


Diane C. Brown



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