Making businesses healthier is my main aim and I, together with my team of experts, do that very well in many ways, assisting start-ups to Fortune 500’s.

What is your concern, pain or problem? What keeps you up at night?

With our experience, knowledge and resources revolving around many platforms, programs, products Diane C. Brownand services sets us apart from many.  We strive to establish a relationship and build trust with our clientele so that we can offer the best solution for common needs are well as some very unique challenges.

For the Business Owner  

We’ve helped organizations increase profits in the tens of billions of dollars all over the globe, at an average of 28.2% increase, 98% of the time for our engaged clients.

Main Solution Areas include:

  • Cost reduction
  • Best value implementation
  • Improved efficiency
  • Development and delivery of sustainable best practices
  • Profitability growth methods
  • Revenue increase solutions
  • Corporate Loans
  • Cyber Security
  • Team unifying practices


AND we deliver custom results based on our client’s needs through some or all of these solutions.

  • tax incentives
  • tax exempt financing
  • property tax mitigation and recovery
  • energy tax incentives and audits
  • hiring incentive and audits, and;
  • manufacturing  and other industry tax credit studies
  • insurance needs
  • accelerate wealth accumulation, exit strategies


Our national team of industry experts to include attorneys, CPA’s and other specialty tax professionals, auditors, engineers, will work with you to discover which services are right for your business, and can even provide a calculation of benefit that each service will yield. Completion of these studies and the fee(s) associated with completing such studies are totally contingent upon what savings and refunds we discover for you.  In other words…. If there are no savings and refunds found, there is never a fee to the business owner.

Our passion, our role is to help our clients grow and create economic stability and growth nationally and internationally through our platforms and programs.  By taking our clients by the hand, we build business revenues which then increases job development, nurtures a network of like-minded businesses that then want to reinvest in their communities by creating economic stability and growth.


Businesses around the country are looking for a competitive edge and we give them that edge by lowering costs without changing systems or the relationships already established with suppliers.

Examples of Cost-Savings Programs:
• Expense Reduction – utility, freight, waste, and wireless
• Commercial Property Benefits
• New Healthcare Benefit Reform Program
• Pioneering Energy Management Solutions
• Workers Comp Audits
• Energy Savings Programs (Local, State, Federal)
• Property Depreciation
• Manufacturing Incentives (Local, State, Federal)
• Tax Credits – based on hard-to-find government subsidies
• Many more

AND, we are so good at what we do, there’s no cost to you IF we don’t find you savings!  That’s how confident we are.

We have an industry exclusive Assessment Tool that will quickly identify what areas of savings can be found and how much that savings will be. Oftentimes, you receive a physical check in the mail!

Either a face-to-face appointment or a screen share can show you within minutes what and where.  Why not put that money in your pocket, let us help you better your business and perhaps gain an edge with YOUR competition and better assist YOUR clients!  Give me a call at 719.671.8099 or book a consultation today.


For Individuals and Familiescontemplation

We all lead busy lives and most of the time need to have the guidance, resources and education we lack in order to make informed decisions to bring into our lives what leads us to live a life of balance, have peace of mind, a plan for our golden years and perhaps even leaving a legacy for our children and/or grandchildren.

Are you concerned about your health?  Your wealth? Protecting your family? Being able to retire comfortably one day?

You’ve come to the right place!

It’s our mission to make you feel comfortable, confident and provide a great experience while bringing you researched options and share experiences and resources to assist you in gaining a well-rounded grasp and hopefully putting into place your financial wellness plan(s), offering you options, optimization tips and ways to increase income and empowering you to live the life you want right now.

helping handWe are the helping hand you need!

Are you concerned about social security or whether medicare will provide you with enough coverage?  I’ll help you gain a better understanding of the best practices for securing a comfortable retirement.

Life is short and nobody is promised tomorrow.  Your very best life happens when many pieces of your life’s puzzle run on auto-pilot and the rest are pointing in the right direction.  Let me know how I might be of service. Give me a call or schedule a consultation and let’s see if we can get you going in the right direction.